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Every Step We Take to Keep Our Rentals Safe and Clean

The country as a whole is in a weird spot socially. We all miss our friends and family and crave social interactions, but we also value the safety of ourselves and our community.

If you’re slowly inching out of quarantine like many other Floridians, Celebration Party Rental is here to help. There’s a good chance your kiddos have unlimited pent-up energy these days. Bounce houses are a great stress relief for kids (and parents!). Here’s everything you need to know about our safety precautions to help ease your mind:

We Disinfect Before and After Each Use
Our team applies top-of-the-line, commercial-grade cleaners to every inch of our inflatables and rental supplies. After we pick them up from a customer and before you receive your new rental, rest assured that your materials are clean and sanitary.

Safety Measures Taken by Our Individual Team Members
If a team member interacts with a customer, they’re encouraged to wear gloves and a mask when appropriate. Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations are readily available in all of our offices and storefronts. Door knobs and desks are sanitized after every visitor leaves. These precautions may sound excessive, but we don’t want to put a single person at risk.

Contactless Delivery is Always an Option
Chat with one of our team members about how to minimize contact when picking up your rental or receiving it for delivery. We’ll always go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable with your transaction, and that includes hands-off delivery services.

Your Health and Safety are Our Top Priority
We’ve always protected our customers to the best of our ability, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic took our procedures to a whole new level. Our behind-the-scenes cleaning practices and updated delivery techniques are crucial in protecting our team and loyal clientele.


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