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There can be many reasons for a celebration. A celebration need not be only for birthdays. Your child’s good grades, winning a competition in sports or another activity, an engagement or a promotion, or even just a weekend reunion of your near and dear ones can be a fitting occasion to hire a bouncy house. In the Florida summer heat, you can opt to really beat the beat with water slides. Your bouncy house rental company will bring the water slides and set them up in your backyard for you and your family to enjoy.

There are plenty of water slides available today for renting.  They range from tiny ones to keep the little ones happy to huge ones that will give a thrill to much older children and even the adults.  In the heat of Jacksonville Florida, it makes sense to hire a water slide where your children can have fun and beat the heat. The water slides are available in themes like pirate boat, ocean slide and dragon slide, with multiple lanes to facilitate your kids form having fun in groups of twos and threes. The water slides are available for hire ranging in length from 19 feet to more than 40 feet, offering great fun to everyone who attends your party.

There are slip-and-slide water slides that allow young ones to slip down them willy-nilly. This can be quite entertaining for the little tykes though for adults it might be an uncomfortable prospect.  Your children will have a blast and they will stay safe and cool, which is very important in the Florida summers.

Your bouncy house of choice can be hired from Celebration Party Rental, the company whose middle name is literally “Party.” We know the ins and outs of bouncy house rentals as we have been serving Jacksonville Florida for years. We will set up and tear down your water slide rental. Your children will thank you and you will be the most popular parent on the block when you hire a water slide bouncy house during the Florida summer. Call us today for a free quote on our bouncy houses including water slides.

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